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Apologies and narrative threads

Firstly both the Office Junior and Octopus complained last week about the way they have been represented.

The Office Junior sees herself as Puss in Boots and felt that the previous drawing greatly undersold her potential and derring do, so here is the revised image of the Office Junior:

Octopus have the ability to change colour and shading very dramatically and an another image was pushed in front of me by a tentacle so I’m taking that as their preferred image, reflecting their “day to day, just floating along” persona, shown below:

Zine update

I’m working away on my second zine. I’m struggling with the plot / script at the moment. The overall narrative involves me, obviously but there are also the narratives of both of my parents. 3 separate but linked threads. Carol Tyler did this brilliantly in her 3 piece graphic novel “You’ll never Know”. She included her own current life issues as she tried to explore her dad’s war years,

weaving the threads of her parents’ lives with her own.

It would be easier to just do a straightforward chronology, I’ve drawn some out in my sketch books but that would not represent my own experience of thinking one thing as a child, changing my view as I matured and finally working out a more nuanced, different view of the reality of my life.

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