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Back again but not getting very far.

It’s been a funny old time, enforced absence from my work, computer broken, fixed, but actually not really working that well….

So I spent the rest of the week trying to sort out a printing issue with some work I wanted professionally done. Lots of emailing back and forth to the print shop, phone calls too. The long and short of it, my computer is too old to support the updates in the Adobe software to package the files the way they wanted them.

We found a way round it but the writing is on the wall for my computer and printer. I actually got them 10 years ago so they have both actually done well but the time has come to update them both. My printer’s printing has been a bit rubbish for ages, despite lots of cleaning efforts and I’ve just put up with it. I could try getting it professionally cleaned but it is so old that it may not work with a new computer. I’ll hang on to give it a chance, but I’m accepting that I probably need to upgrade it too. I actually use the scanner part of it far more than the printer, and I need an A3 scanner, and that is more tricky, A3 scanners get rapidly very expensive.

I’m bored even writing all this, (and it must be boring to read!) and that is 2 days that I’ve spent researching it all. The computer is ordered and I’m dreading the changeover already.

And we are going away for a few days soon so I can’t catch up on my work right away!

I know I’m an oddball, I seem to experience everything backwards, I should be excited about a smart new computer, not anxious about the changes and most people would look forward to a few days by the coast, I go very reluctantly (although I will enjoy it once away, probably).

And the car is getting quite old and needing repairs, we may have to think about replacing that too in the next year AARGH!

Moving on to less tedious topics…..

I’ve been thinking about what image to add to accompany this post, a nostalgic image of my 10 year old beast of a Brother printer?

Then I thought a little preview of some printing, a few weeks ago I decided to print my Xmas cards. It is a bit of a palaver as my printing area is also where the semi feral cats live and I have to shut them out for the day. One of them then spends the whole time trying to get back in. It feels mean to shut them out but I’ve found from bitter experience that they will jump onto the rolled out ink and walk across fresh prints as they try to inspect what is going on.

Anyway, 2 days of printing and I have made about 48 cards. Here is a sneak preview.

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