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Clearing out the studio

Should have posted this in the old year but got distracted.....

Not much to say other than the studio is in chaos.

I needed to rearrange it in order to bring the printer over here and I knew I needed to go through everything in order to do it.

I’m channeling my friend who moved house in the last few years, imagining I am in her position. What would I actually want to take if I was moving house?

It’s a very variable process. I’ve been putting stuff in the garage as a holding bay, before either going to the tip or a charity shop, which means I can change my mind in the short term. Will I make paper again? What about the textile stuff? Untouched in the last few years, do I hang on to it in case I come round to using it?

I do a bit then avoid the studio as it all gets a bit overwhelming, anyway I’m back today and feeling like making decisions.....

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