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Identify the photo

So what’s this a photo of? The obvious answer is that it is a duvet draped over my wardrobe doors, the doors wedged open with flip flops and a couple of pillows on the floor inside, but that isn’t actually what it is at all. In fact it is my new "state of the art sound recording studio". I was making a recording for my voiceover for my video / animation. Doing it in a normal room sounds really echoey. All this technical stuff as I’ve complained about before, does my head in, but the answer is, as an 8 year old creative it just has to be “good enough”. I’m not going for perfection. I did it on my phone, speaking into my headphones microphone.

Listening to my own voice makes me cringe but I think that’s true for everyone. In the end I rather enjoyed it, trying to achieve a natural effect rather than a “radio 4 monologue” one!

And before anyone gets excited about how my animation is coming on, making the audio recording is one of the FIRST steps!

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