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Working on Zine 4

Quite apart from real life problems, I’ve been working on Zine 4 and it has brought up lots of pesky emotions which just get in the way!

My real life problems is that the deadline for my coursework now less than a week away and I am finding myself very hard to pin down to get on with it. I would say that The G-Ma is ready and willing to get on with it but Sukey and Susie are not making it easy to work properly in the studio. They want to work on Zine 4, I want to hand in a draft copy for the Assignment as then I can do more work on it prior to the Assessment but it has had to go from nought to 60 in 3 weeks and I’m struggling with it all. I know what the content will be but it is the composition, imagery and how it all fits together. And it takes me back to a difficult time emotionally. I’ve mentioned before about emotions not existing in the same time frame as ourselves so I’ve found myself aware of a lot of anger and hurt bubbling up. I know it belongs in the past and logically it shouldn’t affect me, but it does anyway. Emotions are obviously not logical, rational or reasonable.

I’ll keep this short as I really do need to actually get on with some work, so here is some lovely wisteria (and my studio hiding behind it).

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