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Back to printing

So let’s have a break from my internal world for a bit and go back to printing!

Plans, getting ready.

First I’m still needing to set up my room a bit better for printing. It helps to have clean and dirty areas already decided and I am notoriously messy. I need to sort out this boring job.

Secondly deciding on the subject(s). I’ve already selected a load of objects (childhood toys) and have started making drawings of them. I’m revisiting an exercise in my OCA work, starting with an object and making it your own version. The idea is not to accurately reproduce an item but to translate it, to give it a new life of it’s own. I’m going to make various drawn -> printed versions of my objects.

At this stage it is all experimental and rough. None of them are finished objects, just steps along the way.

I’ve made some rough mockups to try some actual printing with. I know from experience that I will have high degree of “failure” at this stage, but the “mm, not how I was thinking it would turn out” results help push into different directions.

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