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Hot! Hot! Hot!

Thank goodness the temperature has cooled again! What a couple of days!

It was very hot here in Yorkshire, one of the hottest areas of the country. We managed it by opening all the windows at night and trapping the cooler air inside for the day. We also rigged up an awning across a big window on the ground floor. My random sketch book image is inspired by that awning, a big triangle blowing backwards and forwards with its shadow on the ground shifting to and fro.

Another week of caring for my forming scar. The open wound is shrinking day by day but there is also a sense of tightness across the top part of my eye, slightly altering the shape. It would be a really weird coincidence if I started to physically develop into my fox persona!

Moving on from that (which I have no control over, just have to watch and wait as the skin heals) the course that I booked has been cancelled.

I was very disappointed, what a waste of all those weeks of anticipatory anxiety! Although someone very helpfully suggested I reframe it as “excitement”. It was in that spirit which I checked out the place where I had booked and remembered that they had another course that I had liked the look of but rejected in favour of the graphic novel one. It was shorter, 3 days of drawing faces and expressions. I’m actually really interested in that so I’ve rebooked to go onto it!

It took up a whole day what with cancelling and remaking hotel and train bookings, hopefully all are sorted and my “excitement” has hugely ramped up as it is next week!

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