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Illness behaviour and Tea Towels!

Updated: May 18, 2022

I’ve written before about having migraines, well this week I’ve been poorly all week. It has been very useful with Covid around, everyone is very tuned in to whether they feel well or not, people are much more open about discussing illness, mild or less mild. I’ve done lateral flow tests which have all been negative and the symptoms are very non specific, tiredness, general bleurgh, bit of brain fog, bit of nausea, needing to rest, slight runny nose. So, unbelieveable although it seems, I probably have a mild, non covid related cold! It is hard to imagine other illnesses being around but they must be!

I’m obviously not at death’s door so it has been a useful opportunity to observe how I am with my illness behaviour. I’ve known that it is something I struggle with so in the midst of my generally not feeling good I’ve tried to take note of how I’ve reacted. One thing I am very pleased to realise is that in the past I would constantly cross examine myself as to whether I was really ill or was it all psychological. I would also hide it from the outside world (as a sign of weakness), I’ve been very open about it this time and been much better at just going with the flow of the illness. I didn’t go to my exercise / yoga classes and worked in my studio until I felt tired, then stopped.

So that is all good news really, everyone gets ill from time to time and I feel pleased that I’ve been open to reacting to how my body is, rather than trying to second guess myself (am I just being lazy? )

One thing I have noted is how grumpy I have been. I’m pretty sure this is a hangover from childhood, I don’t remember ever receiving much sympathy as an ill or hurt child, so rather than going into a sad, poor little me state, I react with being a bit aggressive. I’ve managed to not be too outwardly grumpy, I hope, and actually flagged it up to people so they knew it wasn’t personal.

On to other more interesting news (I think blogs are the opposite of other types of social media, instead of flagging up the “perfect life”, the blog is a place for all the negative stuff that is usually below the social radar!)

I’ve ordered some tea towels as publicity for my zines (part of my course requirements). I did 5 designs, one of which is for the magazine, the other 4 relate to the zines.

Tote bags might have been another option but I went with tea towels, not least because we need some new ones at home!

from the printers

One of the designs

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