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Over and Out to the OCA

still of Action Man disrupting the presentation

I can’t quite believe my time has ended as a student at the Open College of the Arts! I’ve just posted all my files for the final assessment event, it has been a long drawn out ending, I will get my results December time, I think?

My main pieces of work were obviously my Zines but I also had to do a Reflective Presentation, which could take the form of an essay, video or slide show. I just had a bit of fun with that in the end, I had already had to do an Evaluation Essay (2000 words) where I had talked about the Spillustrate team so the reflective presentation seemed a bit superfluous. I ended up making a short video which was just a bit silly. I won’t post the video on here as it has my name etc. but it started off formal and then the presentation gets disrupted by the Vixen and Action Man and we just abandon it eventually, playing out to Nancy Sinatra singing So Long Babe. It was good fun to make (I got a bit stressed as well, obviously). I had to create a storyboard type thing (I know there is a technical name for it) with the images and video clips I was using in order to coordinate all the different soundtracks I was using.

page 2 of the script/images/soundtrack

I briefly flirted with the idea of using some stop motion footage but it was a good reminder that although I quite enjoy it, stop motion animation is so unbelievably time consuming, hours of work for a few seconds of footage! that I don’t think it is a way of working that I will move forward with.

In the end, it was done as though it was a PechKucha presentation (10 images, 20 seconds each) but I put in two video clips to give the impression of the presentation being disrupted and then added noises off in the form of music tracks too. It was quite rough and ready but actually worked quite well in the end (in my opinion! The examiners may have a different viewpoint)

I actually don’t care at all about my final marks, as long as I pass the course. One of the nice things about an arts course is that actually the mark is meaningless, it’s all in the pieces of work. I have learnt so much in the last 10 years (artistically, technically, skills wise) that I am a different person. I suppose that having completed this Visual Communications Course, I can officially call myself a Visual Communicator now!

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