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Printing! I'm meant to be printing!

As always, life takes over what we think we should be doing. I meant to really embark on hand printing but instead got led down other paths.

Firstly the magazine has lost an advertiser so one of my jobs was to walk around town and try and find another business. I managed 2 businesses, before abandoning ship. Selling is one of my worst skills. I am hesitant, apologetic and quite understand why they wouldn’t be interested! Having said that, the second business may well join us, so it wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Still on the magazine, I have been putting it together for June, so that is a valid distraction, a job that has to be prioritised. We’ve got some lovely images to go with an article on Greenland, so that makes me very pleased and happy. It is always the visual aspect of the magazine that ticks my box, I’m never too worried about the text.

The second distraction has been the arrival from Footprint Workers Cooperative of Zine 5. I took it straight down to my commercial outlet, the pop up comic book shop locally for them to put out. The good news from that was that they paid me for all the copies they’ve sold which almost covered my latest printing costs! So I feel very content about that.

So back to printing......

For a long time I have been thinking about printing (meaning lino cuts, monoprinting etc). I have a hand press that I have used a small amount and I want to revisit printing, however I am struggling to get started. into doing it. I really don’t want to sign up for ANOTHER course at the OCA! I don’t want a tutor, I don’t want to tick all the exercise boxes, but, but, but, can I get myself going without that external pressure?

I looked over my old OCA notes. Each course starts in a similar way. Looking at where one is artistically as a starting point, background research into the topic and identifying artists (printmakers) whose work appeals.

I had a think about the ways in which I work and how it crosses over with printing. So at least I’m THINKING about printing.

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