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So now a break from zines and back to printing?

I have not been feeling like doing my blog in the last 6 weeks but I’ve recently come back to wanting to do it again. What put me off? One of the things was that reading somewhere that blogs are passe, not fashionable, the internet has moved on, everyone is on instagram, etc, etc. However, my blog has also been a useful journal. I have a day to day journal in which I make notes of triggers, emotional upheavals, how often I have a migraine etc, but this is a bit more of a public one. It also gives me a chance to step back and reflect on my week,  hold onto my sense of core self, rather than being blown this way and that by daily life.

It is weird, I have a strange feeling as if I have been away for ages which of course I haven’t, except that I have been putting all my creative drive into our new kitchen, my music, health issues and also trying to get the Zine done and dusted.

So here I am back again, a reset button being pressed. Time to tidy my studio, open all the drawers, reread my printing notes, look at all my raw materials.

I could do with thinking about our garden too. It looks lovely but has got quite overgrown and maybe needs me to revisit it. I am rather floating around smelling the roses at the moment before I get going again.


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