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This week's post a bit late

I’m aware that it is already Monday and I’ve done no post.

I’ve sat down in my studio several times in the last few days but have been unable to write anything.

Being honest, I’m going through a low spot. Is it just tiredness, the heat wave (which disrupts sleeping patterns) or maybe my eating patterns being disrupted? In this situation my old pattern is to just retreat from the world and bounce back after a few days as though it never happened.

But now I’m trying to be more upfront about this sort of stuff and even typing this out feels a bit better so I’m going to keep going.

Why is my eating pattern disrupted? Well I have signed up for a medical research project (Zoe Project) and have had to eat specific things at specific times whilst monitoring my blood glucose. I started over a week ago, very enthusiastic and committed and a week later…. well, a lot less enthusiastic and committed!

I did not enjoy eating the special muffins, today I had to eat an avocado which was much nicer. The worst thing is having to fast for 3 hours afterwards! I am happy to go without food but I LOVE my milky coffee mid morning!! I’d go further than that, can I actually function WITHOUT my milky coffee??

I’m wondering how to get around this obstacle.

One option is to eat the specific thing early in the morning (which disrupts my intermittent fasting, my longstanding practice of nothing till mid morning) then I can have my coffee as usual.

Another option is to try black coffee instead, just go for the caffeine hit. But I don’t like black coffee.

Third option and what I am trying this morning is a fancy Japanese green tea (probably has caffeine in it?) in a favourite mug.

Three cups in and I’m feeling marginally better, (headache easing, downheartedness lifting, less obvious grumpiness and loathing of the entire world and all it’s occupants) maybe the caffeine does the trick???

Nice cup, isn’t it? I can’t remember the name of the ceramicist but I got it from the Yorkshire Sculpture Park shop a while ago.

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