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Making decisions....hijacked by a migraine

Updated: May 18, 2022

I’m going to attend a small comic book fair in July and need stuff for the table. I will have my zines, business cards and my tea towels but I guess I also should do some postcards. I could do greeting cards but then I would need envelopes. I’m torn wanting to do squares (always my preferred option) versus A6 (easier?). Squares, I’m going with squares (135mm x 135mm)

Next issue, I want to revisit some riso printing, just for the love of it really. It is more eco friendly than digital printing, but does have downsides. The downside is intrinsic to its beauty, it is a way of doing screen printing without having to powerwash screens endlessly afterwards. (One of the reasons I gave up on screen printing). But it means preparing files for each colour and crucially, the more colours one has, the more work and the higher the cost. Ideally I need to prepare images without high full colour coverage, in one or maybe two colours, and to remember that the colours are translucent rather than being opaque so will layer on the paper.

I picked out 5 images that I liked in my zines, now I’m going to have to adapt them to work, using orange and green ink on a creamy, flecked paper. Just like screen printing, riso printing is not an exact science so there may be a little bit of variation, which is all good.


I wanted this to be an art based post but real life gets in the way like it does. I woke yesterday with a bad headache and knew it was going to be a migraine. So in line with my plan to keep notes, (not of interest to anyone else, sorry). We had planned to do a walk so set off for that. We walked for an hour and a half and I wasn’t really aware of the headache lurking, enjoyed the walk until we got back to the car when I was hit with very strong nausea. I vaguely remember this pattern after another walk a few years back. When I got home the headache and nausea was really bad and I went to bed. I didn’t do much the rest of the day, read a bit, did a couple of laundry loads, tried a few restorative yoga poses. I find distraction works to take my mind off the discomfort for a while. the nausea was really intense and I tried a hot ginger drink and it may have been coincidence (the symptoms tend to come and go in phases anyway) but the nausea suddenly eased and I felt much better.

By the evening I felt much better, had tea and watched TV and slept well, waking this morning with just my residual symptoms which I can more or less ignore and plough through.

What triggered it? I had a difficult evening the night before. I was in a very uncomfortable social situation, a noisy restaurant, seats by the waiter’s exit, very limited vegetarian choices, had to eat food I didn’t want, the young, awkward waiter messed up my order in 3 different ways, I had to send the first dish back (wasn’t vegetarian) but I couldn’t face sending my main course back. It was difficult to communicate with him from where I was sat in the corner. And the people we were with are old friends but I feel we have slowly drifted away from them and I wasn’t really comfortable with them anymore, they have given me a hard time about being vegetarian in the past so I was very reluctant to draw attention to the issues. It was a lose-lose situation really, hard to know how we could have improved on it! Maybe I should have been more assertive about my needs rather than too people pleasing?

Anyway, back to the cards, here are the 5 images I'm starting with and now have to work on them so they can work as riso prints

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