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Thumb and second person

I was listening to a vlog today where someone was recommending a book called Chatter by Ethan Kross. I haven’t read it

but the vlogger was describing how addressing oneself in the second or third person has been SCIENTIFICALLY PROVED to help in the moment of challenging situations. I already do this a tiny bit, usually to motivate myself to do something, but I might try extending it into everyday life when I get in threatening situations. I tend to over react to everything in life, I have previously described myself as the horse that panics at the plastic bag blowing in the hedge, it is hard work being me, just going through ordinary day to day stuff.

So what might be a “threatening” situation? Well I am attending a group on Sunday to play the cello with. Obviously the part I am learning is very simple, in line with my level of experience, but just practising in my cello lesson yesterday, I panicked so much even at the thought of it, that I became incredibly tense and gripped my bow so hard I bruised my thumb! (No need to write in, I know that is ridiculous)

So, I am going to practice telling myself, “ There is no need to panic! you are NOT in danger, wrong notes DON’T matter, no one cares! Just keep playing!” The reason this is meant to be so effective is that it apparently works very well in the moment. It will be interesting to see what happens. I know that whenever my piano teacher has pointed out I am being tense, my level of tension has usually RISEN, and my playing gets worse! So it will be interesting to see if this helps, I’m always hopeful!

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