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Update on Zine 5

Before we get to onto the Zine, I had my first proper cello lesson. My husband was away with the car so I had to make my own way there with the cello on my back. It was ok getting there. I had the lesson and was thrust back into the excruciating world of just making horrid sounds etc but getting home was more of a challenge! It was steep uphill most of the way and raining, so I was trying to run to get the cello back in the dry ASAP and it was quite hard going!

Anyway, back to Zine 5. I’m finally getting to seeing the end in sight! And the thoughts of direction of Zine 6 are starting to surface.

It has been hard doing this zine for various reasons.

Firstly there was so much material, what to leave in, what to leave out.....

Secondly, it is all about my Dad and he has moved SO OFTEN it was confusing. I ended up dividing it up into countries.

Thirdly there was stuff I didn’t want to put in but to leave out would only tell half the story. In the end I found a good low key way through it.

So here are a few images, without text, as tasters of what is to come!

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