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Back again

I felt the urge to put a post up, mainly to celebrate that I have finished Zine 6 at last! It has dragged on for ever but yesterday I sent the PDF  to the printers and wanted to log it up as being done.

This Zine is my longest yet (40 pages) and looks at my maternal grandparents and their relationship with mum.

It is sad but non blaming, no one is at fault, just an unlucky role of the dice. It looks at the effects of mum’s difficult birth, both short term and long term.

Overall, like all my zines, when I finish each one I have a big rich stew of emotions.


A weight lifted.

Sadness about the stuff I explored

Lightness at seeing the same people but in a slightly different light, a new angle.

A sense of putting things to rest.

In this case, my biggest positive has been getting to know my grandmother so much better. Reading her letters to my grandfather made her come alive as a person. It deepened my love and respect for her, whilst also recognising how for a different generation things would have been handled differently.

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