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Careful what you wish for!

We lurch from day to day. This week we had a total power cut. So having been complaining about too much noise we were abruptly catapulted into....silence. A cold, dark house with nothing happening. I practised my music at least although struggling to see the notes in the gloomy weather. And without a trusty cup of tea at my side. It was hard to settle into it, the man who had arrived to sand the floor was sat in his van, waiting for the power to return and kept asking me for updates  which involved me calling on neighbours to find out what they knew. And it’s hard to get people’s attention as no ones doorbell was working. I eventually spotted an actual power van and spoke to them. They had just arrived in the area to fix the problem. It ended up taking the whole day, from 5.30 a.m till 4.30p.m. It is hard to work out what to do in that situation, I was glad to go out to a yoga session but otherwise did some cutting and sticking in my cold, dark, silent studio.

I think the uncertainty was probably the most difficult to deal with. Once I had seen the men actually digging a hole in the road we knew it would be hours and it was much easier to settle into doing nothing very much.

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