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A busy time

I’ve fallen a bit behind with my posts. Life got busy for a variety of unrelated reasons, all adding up to me not posting. I think that when I’m in the middle of stuff I don’t want to post about it, I need time to reflect and adjust.

Firstly a new work commitment, joining a group on zoom who are all doing autobiographical graphic novels. It is once a month through LDComics, I’ve had the first session which flew by timewise and I need to actually DO SOME WORK ON MY ZINE. I’ve been avoiding this very successfully now for some time, but I can see the next session on the calendar and I will be embarrassed if I fail to do anything.

I need to sort out my studio, finish my cards which I have spent weeks fiddling around with.

I wrote that yesterday and today I did actually sit in one of my town offices (cafes) and scribbled out some ideas.

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