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Cello and horses

Busy old week with two very different enterprises.

So a few weeks ago I had mentioned my continuing preoccupation about the cello. The piano tuner came round and we got talking, turns out, he is a cellist, he asked me “what are you waiting for? You could ring up the local music shop and rent one now, while I’m here. I’ll tune it for you”

So I shot out and got one. It’s rented for four months (the minimum period) and they gave me the contact details of a teacher.

Before I knew it I was round at her house and having my first lesson! I have had to change the actual cello twice, wrong size and then the spike was jammed, so I’ve been back and forth to the shop. The teacher is a 20 minute walk away so I’ll have to get used to doing that with the cello on my back. I’m struggling with the tuning and I am making terrible screeching sounds when I try to play it, but I expected all that. Teething problems. Hopefully things will improve. I remember the huge frustrations when starting the piano.

I have some doubts but I always have doubts so they are probably not worth mentioning, I’ll just carry on for now, I am committed to 4 months regardless.

The other new project that I have embarked on is to do with horses. I had discussed with a family member about the use of equine therapy in prisons and the thought popped into my head “I could do with that”.

I have a fear of horses which dates back to childhood. It’s obviously not a day to day issue but it occurred to me that learning to handle and manage that fear may well be useful practice in learning to handle my fear in general. And weirdly, there is a equine therapy centre located a 40 minute walk away.......I haven’t fully decided how far I’m going with this but I have made enquiries.

And in a neat piece of synchronicity I came across this horse picture that we had as children. My brother is clearing and sorting out his houseand asked me if I wanted it. Not sure what I’ll do with it but it’s with me at the moment.

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