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Back again

I didn’t post last week as my computer crashed. Hopefully after a little trip away, a mini break at the computer shop, it is back up and running. I used my digital free time wisely and did a bit of decluttering / shifting furniture.

I’ve now got a backlog of work to get on with, starting with this post…..

random page from sketchbook

Promotional ideas

or another post on issues that my friend raised for me.

My friend and I talked about promotional ideas for my work, I am one of the world’s worst at this sort of stuff but I am going to have some way of tackling it and I came up with the idea of…..drum roll…..tea towels!

My reasons for this are, I’ve always liked textiles, I have a preference for “arty” tea towels and I like the way they are like little useful posters for art work.

I’m going to play around with some of my previous work (that is related to the zines, although not actually from the zines) and see if there is something I can usefully use.

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