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Book launch or maybe not!

Updated: May 18, 2022

My current coursework requires that I create a project plan, deciding on a marketing strategy and mapping out my proposed timeline for my next and final project.

This has for the first time crystallised my thoughts about my narrative. I have set some deadlines for 4 chapters including making little animations to accompany them, and making the sets and models too. This is the first time I have had to do this and it has felt so overwhelming! I feel as though I’ve written it in blood! But wait, that’s not the worst of for any end of arts degree, there is a final degree show equivalent. I have to factor this in to my proposal.

An obvious solution to this is a book launch, which will include an exhibition of my 3D sets and models, maybe some way of showing my short animations and perhaps even someone dressing up as my characters ( cos play) . To anyone who knows me in real life they will know this kind of social event is my worst nightmare. If I was a student at a bricks and mortar university I could face a degree show as one of many and fade into the crowd but with me as the main focus, it is undoable for me.

After talking it over with family the solution presented itself; I should aim to be an exhibitor at Thought Bubble. It is held geographically near me and although I will find the numbers of people difficult it would be presenting my work to a proper potential audience (as opposed to family and friends). This is still a terrifying thought but is actually within the realms of possibility.

Also as part of my “marketing strategy” I need to get in the habit of blogging on here on a regular basis. I don’t see my doing it daily but weekly is doable, so here is my Friday blog which hopefully will be a regular occurrence.

So here is me starting to redo my current piece of work using “spillustrate”

Starting a mock up, trying out ideas

A little baby to go on the mock up

Redoing the board with the new name a-illustrate

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