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Breathing and therapy catch up

’ve just got back from being away. I always struggle with going on holiday and as usual I struggled in the weeks beforehand. Anyway, I went, I enjoyed it, I’m back.

While I was away I read James Nestor’s book “Breathe”. It is a bit of a jumble but the take home messages were very clear. I’d recommend it as a fairly easy read, not too long, to anyone interested but a very quick summary would be:

close your mouth,

breathe through your nose, as it is much healthier

do long exhales for increased calm, helps generally and with getting to sleep.

chew food more (less processed stuff), better for your sinuses etc.

and it’s backed up with references. It is very easy to do and is meant to make a big difference for people with lung / sinus conditions, athletes and singers. So in other words, it is better for us all. I’ve been spreading the word to my usual family audience who are as usual, ignoring me!


I’ve had a few sessions now and it has been useful so far. My issues around food being around my issues with control really, rather than food itself. I try to micromanage life and so food is one of the things I micromanage. On holiday I had to go with what was available and I allowed myself to do that without fretting, food wasn’t a big issue on holiday so that is good.

The sessions have encouraged me to take a leap into the unknown and I have organised renting a cello. Next step, I’m trying to find a teacher.......

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