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Clearing / tidying my studio

This is always a symbolic job, not actually involving much cleaning. I go through all the drawers and boxes and rearrange stuff and throw stuff away. So this time I’m preparing for animation, I need tools, working areas to make models and sets, sort out my 3D box. I’ve ordered some new materials (foam board, modelling clay etc) and I need to find places for it all. It’s always a big job doing this but it is a crucial part of the preparation for a new way of working. At least this time I can follow my own instincts about what will work rather than having to get a load of course requirements that I may never use. It’s all about making the mental shifts to do this work. I’ve set up my film studio elsewhere but it feels like I’ve been rehearsing so far, once my studio is properly geared up then I will know I’ve started for real.

As I started “tidying” I realised that we have a skip sat on our drive (don’t ask, it’s been sat there for weeks, no builders in sight) and I thought of an art friend who recently moved. If I had to move, what would I take to my new studio? It is quite freeing up to think that thought, stops you hanging on to stuff, just in case.

So here’s my studio, clean(ish) and tidy.

Now I just have to really get started….

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