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Hitting the Pause button

Updated: May 18, 2022

I suddenly started to feel overloaded. I’ve been on a crash course in animation and now even though I still have so much still to learn and do, I feel like I’ve been in a crash. I want to sit down on the grass verge with a cup of sweet tea and a blanket round my shoulders for a bit.

I need to look at 2 new adobe software programmes, put my little clips together on Premiere Pro, learn how to add sound, read my new reference book (another to arrive) connect a new remote shutter to my iPad…… but it will all have to wait a bit.

I’ve temporarily thrown in the towel and handed in my Assignment which is blatantly unfinished. I’m not sure I have ever handed in a piece of work so half done! Well done Sarah, a new first for you! Anyway, it will give me a breathing space for my tutor to get back to me in 2 weeks and say “are you actually going to finish this?” and I might have the energy to look at it again.

My head feels crammed with new knowledge and new technological skills (I am so bad at this stuff! I bought a tripod for my iPad which I thought wasn’t going to work because the clamp was over the screen display. It was 2 days before I realised that I just had to attach it the other way round!)

So now I’m returning to the other bit of the course, my research into graphic novels. Although having started this animation lark, I’m just starting to wonder if I can incorporate it a bit into this section?

Here is one of my little clips in the meantime.

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