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Managing good things

So the piano has arrived! It was such an exciting and joyful day. And overwhelming!

The piano is “just” a baby grand but at the moment feels like a magnificent German beast (it is a German make), dominating the entire room. I had created a little mock up with a coffee table and cushions but it seemed a lot bigger in reality.

I’m struggling with a bit of a back lash of feelings, basically “I don’t deserve this”, “it’s too good for me” etc. I recognise them as coming from the past. I have an absolute corker of a headache today, again, not unexpected after the excitement and emotions. I’m accepting all this, waiting for the headache to settle and then getting on with completely rearranging the entire room, furniture, pictures, ornaments, to work with my gorgeous instrument. I had been expecting the worst in terms of it being out of tune but I’m loving playing it, the keys feel wonderful.

The piano tuner is booked for a few weeks time, after “Hans” has had a chance to settle in. (Is it too silly to give the piano a name?)

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