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Moving the studio

Updated: May 18, 2022

Well as I’ve progressed in my animation journey we now have Film studio 1 which is the work table in my actual studio, Film studio 2 summer location which is the garage, but way too cold to work in for long at this time of year. Then we also have Film studio 3 which is located in our basement. It was a teenagers' room at one time and houses a pool table. It has a low ceiling, one tiny window and is a bit damp. It used to flood if there was a lot of rain but we installed a pump in the floor which helps. Anyway, it had accumulated lots of junk which I cleared out and I covered the pool table and moved the lights down there. It’s not the nicest space but it will work as a place to film as it is very easy to block out the daylight with a bit of cardboard.

We actually have Film studio 4 which is in my son’s bedroom. He is at drama school on Zoom which is another story…

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