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My "fortune telling" cards

Updated: May 18, 2022

So these are my “fortune telling” cards, now finished. I made 16 cards to remind me of all the ways I like to work. Sometimes when I’m feeling blocked it can help to stop thinking of an image made in one form and try to produce it in a completely different way. I can shuffle them and lay out 4 randomly and see what comes up.

These are all the backs

And these are the fronts.

marks / stains/ bleeds/ bleach

line drawing free hand, very loose

line drawing (tracing) and coptic markers

cutting through, cardboard cut outs

3d models, sets

collaging with paper scraps

stencil work with spray paint etc

rubbings with oil pastels, graphite

printing press work; lino, reliefs, collographs

hand done monoprinting

inversions using wax, bleach, stencils, printing

patterns, colours, textures

body language

humour /playfulness / emotion / pathos


Wild Card

I'm actually really pleased with them and wish I'd thought of making them before.

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