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My unconscious muse / creative partner

I’m having a break from animation from now to go back to my research into graphic novels but funnily enough I have found the animation stuff has made me think differently about that. I have to put together a visual portfolio in the form of a graphic novel and when I left it in December I was feeling a bit bogged down by it. This time when I came back to it my head was bursting with animation. I'm still going to do it in graphic novel format but thinking in a different way really freed me up to find a solution which like all the best solutions seem obvious in hindsight.

This has happened to me a number of times now, I move forward in my process of making something, in a big tangled web of jumbled thoughts with no clear idea of even the possibility of an outcome.....but if I wait, hold steady, just keep making small steps the solution is very likely to arrive to me FULLY FORMED. I’m emphasising that because throughout my courses, the recognised process for creative thinking is, draw out ideas in your sketchbook, refine them, refine them further then execute them. My creative brain does not work like that! I have tried really hard in the past to produce the required sketchbook stuff but I’ve really noticed this time that the solution presented itself as a way of working and I did a weeny bit of sketchbook sketching out but then went straight to photoshop and Indesign to put it into reality. I chopped and changed a bit as I went along but I believe the creative work was largely unconscious in this instance.

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