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What else is new?

So other changes? Six months ago, having had to stop HRT for an operation, after the op I thought I would try a reduction in dose of the HRT patches.

A few days I was complaining out loud to my husband that I had put weight on slowly since xmas, despite not altering my eating habits and was unable to get rid of a swollen, round tummy as well as a worsening of my IBS. As I complained about my “spare tyre” that I had developed, I remembered how I had struggled with this exact issue when I went through the menopause initially, a “spare tyre” which suddenly appeared from nowhere. And here it was again!

When I voiced it out loud I also realised I that there were a host of other symptoms that I was putting up with, without having previously connecting them together; broken sleep, continually flagging energy, my IBS playing up, poor focus and a few other issues that I won’t go into here. Saying it all out loud, the penny suddenly dropped. I ran straight upstairs and stuck a second patch on, to take me back to my longstanding dose.

The next morning I felt in a better place already!  I wondered if it was a placebo effect or reality???

A few days down the line I have definitely seen changes, little things like being able to button my trousers instead of my tummy feeling too sore, increased energy and some more private issues have shown a difference in a positive way.

I’ve made a note of everything but I am pretty sure I made the wrong move trying to cut it down, just need to persuade my GP to up my dose again.

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