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Working in Zine 4

I’ve managed to get back to work again, (it’s just showing up in the studio, you end up working by default) and I’ve been grappling with a 3D model again. I hadn’t planned another model but gradually worked out that I needed to make one. It’s just been very simple, a doorway into the Room of Sensations but involved a lot of trial and error and fiddling around with lighting. I’m pleased to report that I am very pleased with the end result.

To get the image through the doorway I took some photos in our local vintage / retro shop. I avoid going in there too often as I have made a few impulse buys there in the past. It gives you a weird sensation when you see an object that you remember from your past, and it feels like you should reclaim it back. But good sense has to prevail and I have to really think, do I actually LIKE it? Is it actually beautiful? Anyway, an image from there is perfect for the idea of the Room of Sensations, that queer feeling you get when you hold an ordinary object in your hand and it transports you back to a kitchen table from 50 years ago.

Final image!

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