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Wrestling with the Muse

Updated: May 18, 2022

This morning I should be getting on with my latest project, making a video of the “Museum of Past Memories” I’m not though, I’m writing this instead. Basically my creative side has gone AWOL. I know it’s only temporary and she’ll be back but I’ve learnt she can’t be forced into the room. So, I’ve taken some of the usual steps, left things overnight; sometimes ideas arrive first thing when I wake up, I’ve been for a walk; movement often helps and now I’m back here, in my studio, still blank.

I think it’s fear. Whenever I get a new piano piece I always have a moment of panic “it’s too hard for me”. And then I have to get on with it, chipping away at it. I know that now, that I will be able to learn it, I never achieve perfection but that’s another story, I know that I can work at new stuff.

So what am I saying? Just start chipping…..

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