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Finally done

Today I’ve at last completed my studio turn out.

2 black bags of rubbish, a small collection of stuff which I am hoping will go to a local school’s art department, some stuff for the tip, 5 heavy bags of paper recycling, a small set of drawers moved out and the hand press moved in.

I shifted the furniture around a bit, not because I really needed to but because it makes the space feel fresher.

First “studio” was an upstairs bedroom that had to be put away when family arrived.

I then agonised about putting a studio above a garage we were building. My main anxiety was “would I actually ever use it? Can I justify it?”

I never looked back, I still had family / child care duties to occupy my life but my free time was in the studio.

Second era was the painting era, firstly while attending classes, 2-3 days a week, (also exploring printing at various other studios), and then trying to strike out on my own. I ultimately decided “I am not a painter”

Third era was enrolling at the OCA to study Visual Communications. More years down the line, I can confirm “I am a visual communicator”.

So here I am in my fourth era, keen to spend some more time printing, wanting to carry on with my zines and reach some resolution with my narrative, not sure where I might go with 3d work.

One unresolved question is, despite being extremely introverted, do I need the framework of an institution / tution to keep me going? When I left my adult education classes I became very lonely and felt lost. Will I require signing up for another course / courses to keep me going?

I seem to exist in 2 states, complete chaos and then a massive clear out and reorganisation, the studio looks so tidy and clean, but as far as creative work happening, I need to get back to it.

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