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Happy Families

Over the weekend I outed myself to some more of the extended family as neurodiverse which has been the right thing to do but it makes me feel shaky and scared but I will get over that.

It actually worked quite well as I’ve used it as a rationale for not attending a family event. I didn’t want to go because of the presence of the family member that I believe to be a sexual predator (I’ve written about this before). This makes me “the problem one with issues” rather than me silently pointing the finger at this man but I’m making this compromise for another family member who was involved in an incident and absolutely does not want it coming to the surface. So I’m respecting their wishes and also sticking to my principles.

And on another note, we are due to have a visit from another family member who I really struggle to get on with next weekend! I long to have a better relationship with them but after putting in the work unsuccessfully for 20 years I just need to support my husband and remember that their rejection of me is NOT PERSONAL.

I am not the original source of their distress.

My plan is to be pleasant and welcoming, support my husband and not feel guilty when I bow out of any walks etc.

I love these Happy Family cards, the images are just great.

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