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On Location!

Updated: May 18, 2022

I kick started myself and decided to try a bit of filming of the model that I had constructed so far.

It’s freezing in the garage but I made a flask of coffee and assembled the crew. I’m working with the lighting technicians today and the camera man. We just need to work out where to place the lights. We are going for a more moody, backlit effect and seeing how that works.

(You know there’s only me here, don’t you? I’m making up the rest)

So I tried some video of the camera coming down from overhead. Starting in the park, going across the zebra crossing and then onto the pavement, towards the gate.

I’m thinking the lighting is not too bad, now I need to work on the camera angles.

I think that the first shot should be an establishing shot. I think I need stuff in the background. House roofs. It suddenly dawned on me that whilst I can edit a photo, crop it, add in background etc, that might be a lot more difficult in a video.

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