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Out of action

I might write another post quite soon but this weekend I have had a big migraine. Or, as I like to reformulate it, “ a strong need for a recovery day or two”.

I think I have brought it on myself by ramping up my music practice to 40 minutes on the cello (60 minutes on the piano already) a day and my brain is telling me NO!

I have another cello group session in a weeks time and I have wound myself up like a crazy thing trying to improve for it. I am going in at the bottom, as the least experienced player and my rational mind has been telling me that that means no pressure, no one will care how bad I am. However, my autistic mind has been on over drive, hyper focus and I now realise I need to SLOW DOWN. Until a couple of weeks ago, I was doing 20 minutes cello a day, I need to increase my practice more slowly, maybe go to 30 minutes? Anyway, this weekend has been a write off for any practice at all, so I am trying to take a useful lesson from that!

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