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Updates and procrastinations

Updated: May 18, 2022

page of visual diary from a few years ago

I’ve had a quiet week, my Moderna booster was on Tuesday and like so many people I had 48 hours of low energy. This meant quite a lot of watching rubbish TV and not much else. Actually it was quite a good way to observe my “illness behavior”. I know I have difficulties with being ill, tending to spend a lot of time worrying if I am actually ill or “is it all psychological and I’m just being lazy”. This had a clear cause, other people had described it and I knew it would be time limited. I did feel bored and grumpy but at least I was able to do nothing, guilt free and allow my body to dictate what I did rather than my brain.

Now however I’m back in my studio, with my new computer and printer. On the plus side I have set them both up and got them both to work. On the negative side there are 2 pieces of software that refuse to work (Adobe acrobat and Illustrator). I’ve tried various things to no avail. At the moment I am thinking that neither are crucial and I could just ignore the problem…..maybe I’ll just let them think about their bad behavior for a while, putting them on the naughty step.

I met up with another artist last week. That was really nice, hopefully we will continue to go on as friends, she has already done a short graphic novel so I was asking for advice, she is a bit further along the road than I am. She has been shortlisted for the annual LaydeezDoComics graphic novel award. Two things I want to flag up here, I need to go to the LDC Zoom conference next week (anxious about that, Zoom calls, social) and to restart my daily visual diary. If I sign up for a drawing course with them next year (would be a Good Thing to do) it will desensitise me to making quick work and sharing it. I’m noting it here, lets see what happens! I’ve posted a picture from my visual diary from a few years ago. Interestingly, this was before I knew that I wanted to do a comic book type thing, I saw it more as a way to improve my drawing skills. I did it for around a year and then abandoned it. My drawing skills never seemed to change and I thought of it as a “failure”. This time my aim would be about communicating something (quickly) that happened in my day

In the meantime I am doing this blog post to avoid working on my handmade font (I get anxious trying to do it on the website) and starting work on a new model (anxious because I’m not sure how to do it and it would be easier just to not do it)

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