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Walking and talking

Updated: May 18, 2022

After over a year of not seeing my very good friend and fellow artist (this is just one string to her bow, ceramics at we met up today for a walk by the river.

We had a lot to cover in that time. We had both found last year had been a year of retreating into the studio and putting our heads down to work.

In discussion with her I realised that I needed to stop thinking of myself of a Graphic designer / Illustrator as my work really falls into the much larger, looser bag of Fine Artist, albeit one who uses an illustrative way of working to convey their message / narratives.

My whole life I have tried to fit into a variety of roles and have always felt that I have not been very good at any of them.

As a “fine artist working in a deliberately naive style” literally the only way I can fail is by not making work.

This is such a liberating thought.

Pot made by Penny

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