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Having the opposite reaction to good things.

It’s that time of year again, my second worst day after Xmas, birthday time!

Sometimes I find just being me is so....tiresome! I’d like to take a holiday from myself and get away from all my achilles heels! But wait, I hate holidays too!

Seriously though, I’ve reminded myself that I will enjoy the day, we have a meal out planned in a fancy Japanese restaurant which will be a first time visit, I will go to boxing and I saw something nice in a shop and pointed my husband towards it, so I know I will get a nice (non surprise) gift that I already like.

Deep breath, you can do this.

Actually I think I might be even, dare I say it, be (whispering now) looking forward to it??

But don’t worry about me being ridiculously optimistic, there is lots of potential for things to go wrong, train strikes, missing the train, the food being awful, I’ve booked the meal at a strange time so may not be hungry, injury from boxing.....I could go on. Yes I am ready FOR THE WORST!

So this is my challenge, am I ready to ENJOY MYSELF???

My image for today is from my sketchbook, the small pleasures in life which I am glad of, every day, green tea and (decaff) coffee.

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