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Interesting times (for me personally)

We have all been living through “interesting times” recently with the pandemic and now the war in Ukraine but this week I have been going through my own little personal "interesting time". I’m in the middle of a health scare and am going to the local hospital to be checked out tomorrow. On one level I am sure it is a storm in a tea cup, I lead a very healthy lifestyle and feel fine. On the other hand, I also know that leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t stop your genetics from kicking in, maybe I am in denial?

All in all, I don’t believe it is anything serious, or at least my rational, logical brain doesn’t. So why am I sweating, very irritable, very negative about everything around me? Interesting to observe both things occurring simultaneously and despite lots of nice deep yoga breaths, having limited control over the level of anxiety. My anxiety thermostat is just turned right up just now and won’t go down again until the uncertainty is resolved, one way or the other.

One silver lining to all this uncomfortable emotion is that it is good practice for old age, learning how to care for one another as we crumble and health issues occur as they inevitably will. It’s a dry run (hopefully, fingers crossed).

I’ll tell you something though, if it’s bad news I’m going to restart smoking as all that healthy stuff will have been a waste of time! And eat coffee and walnut cake between puffs. I’ve never tried hard drugs either, I wonder if it is possible to ethically source cocaine? Or get Ecstasy that is properly made, not mixed with something like floor cleaner? (Just kidding, just kidding).

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