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Six weeks in and still below par

So last week was a bit hit and miss with more misses than hits. Sad face emoji.

Not helped by various things happening at home (my husband had a small routine operation, went well, recovering nicely) which triggered another migraine for me. A frequent trigger for migraines for me is release of stress, and the day of the op was naturally quite stressful, as well as my driving in and out to the hospital through the rush hour. On top of that it appears (from the NHS website, recovering from covid) that covid can trigger migraines in susceptible people. I have had 4 now in the last 6 weeks and the one I got whilst on holiday was the worst I’ve ever had.

I REALLY don’t want this blog to turn into a weekly update on all my symptoms but for the record, I’ve still got a lot of brain fog and fatigue although it is very variable, even within the same day.

On the plus side, I’ve missed one yoga session but attended 2 and really was glad to go. My stamina for walking is ridiculously low but I have got out every day, even though they are really short walks. I’ve only had one day when I couldn’t do my piano practice.

I’ve been putting together the next magazine and more or less done the cover which is always the most important and fun part for me. The layout in comparison is more like doing a tricky jigsaw, quite good fun but can be tedious and frustrating at times.

One thing I’ve been fretting about is xmas cards. For the past 10 years I’ve made my own and really enjoyed it. This year I've moved my printing press into a temporary place with the plan of putting it in my studio which I am in the process of rejigging. So the press is out of action and I’ve just not got the mental / creative / physical energy to think of a card. So at the moment it looks like handmade cards are not happening this year.

This is why I need to move the printing press out of the basement. Our semi feral cats make printing much more challenging. I can’t leave the inks and papers unattended with them around and the basement is their home, whereas it is easy to keep them out of my studio, I just need to make space for the press.

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